Formatting Service for self-publishers

Fiction Writers: If You Really Don't Want To Do It Yourself, Let Me Format Your Manuscript For You

Things I Will Need To Get The Job Done

First of all, ask yourself this: Is your manuscript ready for formatting? Is it really ready?

ebook formatting service


Formatting should be the very last thing you do before you publish.

This means the manuscript you send me needs to be finished and ready for publishing, It needs to be: proof-read, spell-checked, copy-edited, edited, polished, re-edited and whipped into submission!

Just because you're self-publishing it, that doesn't mean it can be any less professional than something from a big-league publisher. If anything it needs to be more so, because they're your competition—and they're good at what they do!

I can guarantee that your book will look as good as it possibly can, but I won't be proof-reading or copy-editing it, all these things are your responsibility. I'm only going to format the manuscript you send me, tipos and gramer misteaks incluedid, so please make doubly sure that it's completely ready before it gets to me.

If it is, you can sit back and leave the rest to me. Here's what I'll need...

The files you'll need to send me

  • Your manuscript in Word doc/docx, txt, rtf or odt format
  • Please also include (where applicable):
    • the front matter (copyright, publishers details, etc.)
    • an acknowledgements page
    • an ‘also by this author’ page
    • the back matter (about the author, review requests, links to your website, social media, etc.)
  • A description of the book (The blurb you would normally see on the back cover)
  • The main keywords you would use to categorise your book. (These are for the unseen 'metatags' section of the book that search engines and databases look for to list and sort your book)
  • A cover image in jpeg format (see size requirements below)
  • An author image in jpeg format (if applicable)
  • Your book's ISBN number (if applicable)

Cover images

Your cover has the potential to make or break your book's sales, so getting it right is important. For the best quality your cover image should be 300dpi in resolution and, for normal cover size, 2400 x 1500 pixels in dimension. Up-sizing from a smaller or lower resolution image will result in a pixellated mess! Trust me, you really don’t want your cover to look like that.

Note that the height-to-width ratio is not set in stone but 1.6:1 is generally regarded as the norm, which should cover all eventualities.

Pricing and Terms

Pricing includes formatting your supplied manuscript, cover image and other small image(s) into both the ePub and the Mobi formats, ready to upload straight to Amazon's KDP platform.

  • Initial fee for all projects: £85 ($130)
  • Plus cost per 1000 words: £0.95 ($1.50)


  • For a 20,000-word project, the total cost would be £104 ($160}. (20 x £0.95 ($1.50) = £19 ($30), plus the £85 ($130) initial fee.)
  • For a 70,000-word project, the total cost would be £151 ($235). (70 x £0.95 ($1.50) = £66 ($105), plus the £85 ($130) initial fee.)

The above pricing examples are for works of fiction without complex images/illustration. All word counts will be rounded upwards to the nearest thousand. (US Dollar amounts may vary according to exchange rates.)

Turnaround time for average-size fiction books (approx 60-80,000 words) will be two to three working days from receipt of your files and deposit.

Payment for Formatting

A 50% deposit is required on receipt of your manuscript. Payment can be in GB Pounds or US Dollars, via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, I can send you a PayPal invoice which you can pay using your normal credit/debit card. The balance is payable once you have received your finished files.